Put you knowledge to the test.

1. The adress of their first home is Silver Alley No. 57. They feel privileged because they had a good working window, space and everything they needed. Also they had it to themselves and never had so much before.

2.The nun wants Victor and Henry not to go into the school because they are poor and seem to be strangers.Henry, who never learns to talk respectfully with a nun, can’t understand why he should call a stranger ”mother”. He’s not beliving in god, he does not know that christian title. His parents never told him that. Henry hitting the nun with the wooden leg of his father, which he’s carrying with him all the time. The two boys escape from the school.

3.His stories kept him going. He was a poor man and the stories gave himself a life. He filled the whole with many lives. Dolly Oblong invents herself new many time and that’s the connection between the two.

4.When Henry was born Henry and Melody had a very happy moment together. They had enough to eat and a healthy baby.

5. At Henry’s birth she put newspaper on the matress to save it. Then she realized that she likes to read.

7.The father told them to laugh and they did. Then they walked behind a big bush which was a secret opening to the underground of Dublin. So they could walk through the tunnels and managed to escape.

8. She smells of powder and her breathing smells of peppermint, which Henry likes very much.

9. They give the man what they want and so their very pleased and friendly. It’s good beacause the money, the man spend, will also be spended by the girls and that makes more money.

10.Father Smart likes her scent, she’s a leader, a genius and he also loves her lips and teeth.

11. Henry was born Oktober 8 ,1901.

12.He was a healthy,good-sized baby and glowed guaranted life. The women had never seen that before.

13.He was a great big man and his body had a sharpness that was quickly understood. He was incorruptible, polite and agile. He went over the top after the dicussion with Melody about Henry’s name. He was upset and no one got past him.

14.He deliver the message:” Alfie Gandon says Hello.”

15. He throw them in the rivers Tolka or Liffey, or he fed them to pigs of a farm. But he never sent a hole body in one river because it had been to risky.

16. He was free and independent. He did what he wanted to do, without rules.

17.King Edward V|| visit Dublin in the summer of 1907

18.They told him to fuck off.

19.Henry fought with the police in front of the bothel. He escaped from his coat and could get away.

20. Because Victor and Henry knew how to survive on the streets of Dublin. They mangae it all on their own.

21. They accepted that their live won’t be better. The could survive but never take a step forward.