#1    The first indication that something unusual was happening was when the news arrived that

ο several meteorites had landed on earth

X there were several explosions of gas on Mars

ο the music being played was by Ramón Raquello and his orchestra

ο that people were dying in Grover`s Mill

#2    The first interview was with:

X Professor Pierson, an astronomer at Priceton Observatory

ο Ramón Raquello

ο Carl Philipps

ο Mr Willmuth

# 3   The object that landed at Grover`s Mill looks like:

ο a bath tub

ο a meteor

ο a flying saucer

X a huge cylinder

#4    The Martians are described in detail. Which of the following did they NOT have?

X tentacles

ο saliva dripping from their V-shaped mouths

ο black eyes

ο furry skin like a bear

#5   Which of the follwing did the Martians use to kill people:

X a heat ray

ο missiles

ο machine guns

ο electric shocks


I thought that Orson Welles sounds much younger and not that dramatical. I also was surprised by the many different peoples which were added in the radio broadcast. In addition, it needs getting used to that there are quick changes between music and gossip. The music is only very short to hear. That is very different to the modern radio broadcasts.

to be continued..