1.The scene starts out with a close-up shot on a fridge / freezer / ironing board / vaccum cleaner (Hoover).

2. The action is set in the basement of the White House / of 10 Downing Street / at a PR agency .

3. Prior to entering the White House Brean has to say hello to the president / have tea with the first lady / pass the security check / have his eye-sight checked.

4. The Firefly girl story will be published on TWITTER right away / in the Washington Post on the next day / in the New York Times in 11 days / on the CNN evening news.

5. The president is currently in Indonesia / Japan / China / Malaysia because of trade relations / disarmament / charity organisations he is in charge of / environmental issues.

6. In Brean`s opinion the president shouldn`t come back that day because the trip is too strenuous / he shouldn`t face the American public at that point of time / his wife wants a divorce and welcomes her husband staying abroad for as long as possible.

7. At the meeting Brean makes sure that nobody reveals any secret information by saying “If it gets out, I`ll hurt you.” / If it gets out, the President will be very sad.” / “If it gets out, you leaked it.” / “If it gets out, the CIA will be after you and your family.”

8. Brean`s plan involves an imaginary B3 missile / tank / bomber / supercar.

9. Brean seems to be an honest person / a ruthless person / a shy person / an amiable person.

10. The rest of the team listen but also question many of Brean`s points / listen attentively and do what the are told / listen and comply with some of Brean`s suggestions / are against all of Brean`s suggestions.