On the backdrop of the video clip you just saw, please explain the following quotes.

1. “You want me to produce a war?” Not a war, it`s a pageant. […] It`s like the Oscars.”

Brean uses Euphemism, to convince the producer to help him. He compares his plan with the Oscars, because it sounds less shocking. He tries to tone it down, which reactions the “pageant” will cause.

2. They want to destroy our way of life.  […] We just found out we have the bomb. […] It`s a suitcase bomb…”

In my opinion they just surch for ideas to produce the war as riliable as possible. I think they are just creative, like they would do when they produce a film. They surch for a group or a state, which causes the war. That seems very inmorally and shocking, because it’s dangerous for the state, to be the “guilty one”. From a normal citizen’s point of view it’s a scandal that they want destroy their way of life because that’s something they can’t change. They can’t be awared of a suitcase bomb. They have to trust in the government and the police who make controls. They are delivered to their destiny.

3. “When it`s cooking, it`s cooking.”

Motss seems pleased with himself because he is crative and can start the “war”.    It   will run after his start. He just has to create a reliable situation to get the attention of the public. From my point of view he hasn’t to be pleased with  himself because he “lies” to the public. He creates a war and has to know what consequences that will have. The public will be shocked, hysterical and afraid. To play with the emotions of the people isn’t something you can be pleased with.