The film poster shows the flag of the United States of America in the center. The backround is yellow. Above the flag, there are the names of the chief characters. Under the flag you can see the film title and other informations.

The stripes of the flag dissolves into film reels. The story of wag the dog fits to the poster because in the film Mr. Brean and Mr. Motss produce a “war” to distract the public from another scandal. The poster involves this with the flag, which should portay the american public, that ends in film reels, which portay the produced war. That signifies that the public is involved in the film. The public is influenced by the produced war and so their interest are focused on it.

Scene # Content Comment
1 Expression Wag the Dog (00-00:43)MRS B`S SOLUTION !!!! “Why does the dog wag its tail? Because it`s smarter than the tail. If the tail wagged the dog, it would mean that the tail would be smarter than the dog.”
  • viewer doesn`t yet know what the quotation actually refers to
  • as the action obviously deals with politics, it remains to be seen who is going to wag the dog and what effect this is going to produce
2 Commercial (0:44-1:11)MRS B`S SOLUTION Two jockeys exchanging their ideas that it`s not wise to “change horses in midstream” thereby supporting the idea of re-electing the current president.
  • the spot seems strangely old-fashioned with unflattering close-up shots and a deliverance of lines that lacks conviction
  • the viewer might wonder whether the PR firm responsible has really done a good job
3 Mr Fix It  (01:12-8:36) The assistant of the White House calls Mr.Brean “Mr Fix it” as he arrived at the White House.
  • She hopes that Mr. Brean can avoid the consequences of the president’s sex scandal.
  • He should “fix” the situation.
4 Landing in Chicago    (08:37-11:06) can’t remember the scene
5 Meeting a Hollywood Producer (11:07-17:13) Mr. Motss is lying under a sunbed. He looks like a fashion victim. They talk about the producing of the war  and how they can present it in the most reliable way.
  • the viewer might be shoked of the enthuasiastic way they plan the producing
  • they call the war a pageant because it sounds less bad.

-> Euphemism

6 Working on the war with Albania  (17:14-21:16) They search for a state, which is unknown, to have a scapegoat.
  • don’t think about consequences for Albania
  • the viewer might be shoked because they use a globus to search a state. It’s like a play.
7 Think tank (21:17-21:16)
8 The War starts (27:51: 35:01) They create a short film of an “Albainian girl” in a blue box. That film should inform the people about the war. Tracy sworn to silence, which is a part of her contract. If she didn’t oblige they would kill her.
  • They add burning houses, fire and screaming.
  • The scene underlines the teams’ recklessness.

merely(adv),mere(adj) – just,only

9-10 The strategy worked (35:02- 43:11) The people believed
11 War Song /CIA interferes /Neall “ends” the war (43:12-48:11)