Group #3: Using the timeline provided in the DOSSIER section, please retrace the different stages in  Shakespeare`s career. Point out when he faced personal or professional difficulties and also highlight his great success.

  • went to school with the age of 7
  • left school early because he had to gain money(1578)
  • didn’t go to a university because his father employs him as an assistant to his glove making business
  • personal difficulties because of the sister’s death
  • Shakespeare’s first poem(1582) was inspired by his marriage with Anne Hathaway
  • The lost years from 1584-1592
  • 1589: “The two Gentlemen in Verona” and “The Comedy of Errors” written and performed
  • 1590: “King John” written and performed at The Theatre
  • 1592: Shakespeare was attacked by less successful playwriters
  • 1594: Shakespeare joins a Company which dominated the London theatre, Romeo &Juliet was written and performed
  • 1596: Shakespeares son died, no male children anymore
  • 1597: affairs to William Herbert and the dark Lady begin
  • 1601: John Shakespeare dies