Spin doctor

  • he has to know what the public wants to hear
  • to work he has to know all details
  • he needs the talent to speak in an influencing way

calm down the situation

  1. search for other examples in political history
  2. tell less details or even tell lies
  3. use technical terms or ambiguous phrases to confuse the crowd
  4. to obscure the situation
  5. president: the victim of evil seductress
  6. search for another,bigger scandal to distract the people from “your scandal”

Test your viewing comprehension by highlighting the right answers

  • Tucker is upset about a statement made by the Minister of International Development saying that war has been declared  in the Middle East / peace has been achieved / war is impossible / war is unforeseeable.
  • Tucker`s next step after this inappropriate statement is to call his wife / several influential people in the world of politics / the Prime Minister/ Foster`s secretary to tell them that the Minister didn`t really mean what he said.
  • At the Minister`s office Tucker is nice / rude / polite / charming to Judy, the Minister`s assistant because she won`t leave the room / join in the swearing / play a game of cards / help with a new strategy.
  • Foster refers to “ritual humiliation” meaning that Tucker always laughs at him / abuses and intimidates him / reports him to the PM / never pays any attention to him.
  • When Tucker demands that Foster should “walk the f*** line” he means that he should always walk on the right side of the road / stick to the party`s line of politics / do a lot of work / say what he wants to press.
  • Tucker decides that Foster has been disinvited to the TV programme QUESTION TIME because he thinks that Foster might not have anything to say / might make even more mistakes / might burst into tears / might get very angry.
  • Tucker himself has no power and is just in a bad mood / has a lot of power because he reports everything back to the PM / only has the power the minister gives him / has some power but makes no use of it.