Trip to London

  • language
  • everywhere, really, easy to understand in general
  • imigrated people were hard to understand
  • food, etc.
  • supermarkets; take-away-shops; pret-à-manger; coffee chains (e.g. STARBUCKS)
  • most of the people had bags of take away shops
  • we drink lots and lots of frappuchinos
  • use of mobile phones / smart phones
  • everywhere, really!
  • tube stations, in shopping centres, on the street.
  • they are always in hurry and talking to s.o on the telephone
  • Weather talk
  • bus stops; benches in the park and probably everywhere else too
  • haven’t marked sth. like that
  • being polite in public places
  • public transport; queues of every kind; crowds, e.g. at the theatre
  • “excuse me” is the most used sentence in the tube. Even if you smash into so. they fell sorry
  • newspapers and magazines
  • newsagent
  • free for everyone
  • get it at tube stations,
  • CCTV (close circuit television)
  • Well, have a look!
  • you feel guilty anytime you see one of the cameras
  • police; security
  • very present
  • money matters
  • prices
  • use of credit cards

Sun,29th August

Departure at 6.30 am.

arrival at the Britannia International at 7 p.m.

use of the swimming pool

Mon,30th August


Get travel cards go to St. Paul`s and do the walk along the Thames planned

go to Oxford street

Jack the Ripper Walk

Tue,31th August

Emirates stadium or Camden Town

Go out for a dinner in China Town/Soho

visit Hide Park

Wed,1st September

Trip to Oxford and Guided tour around town and different colleges


Thu,2nd September

Go to Greenwhich

Visit the V&A museum

Party at Cleopatra’s Needle

Subway plan:

Subway station Hotel : south quay or Canary Whalf

Travlgar Square: Embankment