The Anglo-Irish Treaty

Pros and cons of the Irish Treaty

The treaty wasn’t perfect but it was the best the Irish could get.

They got further than before the war started. On the one hand the treaty seemed to give the Irish the freedom they wished for. They didn’t see an alternative and wanted to save the Irish . The Treaty represents work that has been done in five years and it gives Ireland the chance to develop her own life in her own way. Michael Collins says that the Treaty gives freedom, not the ultimate freedom, but freedom to achieve it.

But on the other hand it didn’t fulfill the hope of an ‘Irish Free State’. The people hold on their view  and believed in their conscience. They wanted to follow their uncompromising path of becoming a ‘complete’ Irish Free State. The Treaty will not end the centuries of conflict between the two nations of Great Britain and Ireland. The Irish wanted to protect their national honour and ideals. And they wanted a better life for their children. In their opinion there was no hope in the treaty.

Today most of the Irish would accept the Anglo-Irish Treaty because it was the best they could get in past.


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