Comment on Mr Ahern’s statement that the overwhelming majority of the Irish have benefited from the economoc boom in about equal measure. Support your opinion with har data, using appropriate vocabulary for the description of diagrams.

I think Mr Ahern’s statement just includes the people who benefited of the economic boom, because they had more money from the start.

The first table is about the percentage of  people in each age category who received an income of less than half the national median income. It shows that from 1994 to 2001 the percentage in each age group increased. But it rapid groth in the group of 65 or more aged.

The second table shows the proportion of people in each employment category from 1994 to 2001 who received incomes less than half the national median income. You can see the proportion of  growth in each employment group and those unemployed or  ill had the highest percentage. When you compare the proportion of the employees with them who didn’t had a safe job, you notice that the employees weren’t much affected by the economic boom. It only constitutes a difference of 2,3 %.

That’s  supports that the statement of Mr Ahern doesn’t include the people who didn’t have  a safe job and couldn’t work anymore. They had problems to cover their costs and didn’t benefit from the economic boom. You can’t generalize that the economic boom improved the financial situation of the whole society. Mr Ahern should know better.


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