1. What are the effects of the Irish ‘No’ against the Lisbon treaty for the EU?
  2. How have other politicians of other European countries reacted to the Irish vote against the Lisbon treaty?
  3. Describe the people on the picture and the atmosphere of the scene.

EU Treaty 1

4.Search the Internet and find out more details about the reforms in the Traty of Lisbon.

5.Which consequences do the rejection of the treaty by the Irish might have?

6. If you had to vote for or against EU’s Lisbon Treaty, what would you do? Make a list of your arguments and give reasons for your decision.


  1. The Lisbon treaty can’t become effective because it needs to be signed by the government of 27 member states.
  2. Most of the politicians think that the ratification process has to continue to deal with the challenges affecting Europeans and to make the EU more efficient and democratic. Others think that they have to talk with the Irish and to find a result to continue with the process. But some think that the Irish ‘No’ is a victory of freedom and reason over European bureaucracy.
  3. The picture shows a group of people.  In the centre is a woman, who holds a poster in her hand with the slogan: “No, don’t be bullied”. She smiles and looks happy. The other people lift up their hands and smile too. The scene seem positive and brigth. It seems as the people had a succes and get something they wanted.
  4. The intention of the treaty of Lisbon is to complete the process with a view to boost the ability and to improving the solidarity of its action, started by the Treaty of Amsterdam and the treaty of Nice.

–         a member state can contract out from the Union

–         bigger attention of the rights of citizens

–         should make the EU more democratic and efficient.



– weaken the democracy

– no improvement


– Charter of Fundamental rights

– problems can be seolved with other states

I would vote for the Lisbon treaty because it stick up for the human rights. The

problems can also be solved together and the states grew together.


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