The article from BBC news deals with the affection of celebrities on pupils and their progress in school. Teachers gave the statement that many of their pupils rather be famous than engage in education. They warn that many pupils expect that everyone could become famous and that the celebrity status is easier to get than a well-paid job. Though the celebrity status isn’t easy to achieve and has also negative aspects. On the one hand the teachers keep interesting discussions about the negative behavior of stars; on the other hand they notice that pupils emulate the actions.

The second article, which is published from “The Guardian”, shows Graham Norton’s opinion to celebrities. He tells that the people not only want to be rich but also be famous. His thought is that the people like talking about celebrities. But the most magazines write stuff about the stars, which make them human and so the heroes get lost. He also adds that he expect that the celebrity culture will grow up, because the media want to fill their pages, taking every little news they can get.

In the interview with Gordon Brown, he demonstrates his point of view to the influence of stars on people. He says that the celebrity culture will diminish because the people will move away from the trivia. He wants the people to be interested in and talk about politics, books and literature. He thinks that it’s important to achieve results with the things you do. At the end he talks about the question if Scotland should be independent and that he thinks that this wouldn’t be an advantage for Scotland.

Everything’s negative? – NO!

“They help in schools and community projects, promote sport and healthy lifestyles, take part in anti drug campaigns and encourage children to stay on in education and to stay safe.”

That is a quote of a spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families.  I think that the positive projects of stars are an important point when you illustrate the influence of the celebrity culture on pupils. The most teachers, families and others just pay attention on the negative influence on pupils, like Julie Gilligan says:

“On the other hand, I have seen and heard negative emulation of celebrity footballer/pop star language and behavior in the playground and in school – including disturbingly age-inappropriate ‘acts’ by young girls in school talent shows.”

The teachers and parents are upset about the stars but is it their fault? I think if the media wouldn’t show every little detail the stars remark the children couldn’t emulate them. Everybody talks about the stars because the media shows them in every situation of life. Moreover the media exaggerate everything and most of the time they’re just interested in bad news because the people are interested in that. So I think the adults have to protect their children and then they can’t think the stars guilty.

I think the media has to change something and write

about something else then stars who are drunken,

go out without make up and fight with paparazzo’s.

It is time to notice that the celebrities do a lot of charity work. They’re very generous and often spend their money to orphanages, third world countries and disaster areas. Many stars are constantly active, for example: Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Michael Schumacher, Leonardo Dicaprio and Beyonce Knowles.

And we shouldn’t forget that the stars have their jobs as well and that we should be proud of what they achieve there. They shoot wonderful films, pay football, walk on catwalks, etc. These aspects are all forgotten because of the media. They are only interested in the worst things because that’s what the people want. The people need to see that the stars aren’t that perfect they seem in the TV. They want to know that they’re human, too. Everything what people need is the ratification that money isn’t anything.

But it’s very important for them who needs it because who should help them if the stars don’t do it? They have the best chances to do that and the stars, who spend their money should be praised for that generous achievement. So media – don’t ever look on the dark site of stars, like the song of Monty Python – Always look on the bright side of life 🙂


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